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Date OJ Links(Advanced Level) Aptitude(Advanced level)30Q Reasoning(Advanced Level)30Q Verbal(Advanced Level)30Q
6.10.2022 Logic building with Conditional operators,Logical Operators Numbers, Suare root , Cube root,LCM ,HCF, Divisibility Number Series and Letter Series, Oddman Out Synonyms & Antonyms
7.10.2022 Logic Building with ternary operators,Loops & Nested Loops Percentage, Power and Indices Coding and Decoding , Analogy Idioms & Phrases
8.10.2022 Bitwise Operators Profit and Loss,Discount,Dealer Blood Relation,Coded Blood Relation Sentence Correction
9.10.2022 Functions Simple Interest and Compound Interest Syllogism and Data arrangement Fill in the Blanks,fill in the Errors
10.10.2022 Pointers &pointer arithmetic Ratio and Ages,Partnership & Average Syllogism Possibility, Decision Making Reading Comprehension
11.10.2022 Array operations & Manipulations,single dimensional & two dimensional Time and Work , Pipes and Cisterns. Distance and Direction, Ranking Sentence Replacement
12.10.2022 String Manipulations Boats and Streams, Races and Games Seating Arrangement level 1 & level 2 Passage ordering
13.10.2022 Linear Data structures with stacks,queues& Linked lists Permutation, Combination Clock and Calander Error Identification
14.10.2022 Introduction to Recursion Probability & Mensuration Cryptarithmatic, Logical Sequence Articles & Preposition
15.10.2022 Introduction to Trees & Graphs Heights and Distances Data Sufficiency Spelling Correction


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