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This is the Assessment Designed to Test the following Aspects.

DateOJ Links(Advanced Level)Aptitude(Advanced level)30QReasoning(Advanced Level)30QVerbal(Advanced Level)30Q
6.10.2022Logic building with Conditional operators,Logical OperatorsNumbers, Suare root , Cube root,LCM ,HCF, DivisibilityNumber Series and Letter Series, Oddman OutSynonyms & Antonyms
7.10.2022Logic Building with ternary operators,Loops & Nested LoopsPercentage, Power and IndicesCoding and Decoding , AnalogyIdioms & Phrases
8.10.2022Bitwise OperatorsProfit and Loss,Discount,DealerBlood Relation,Coded Blood RelationSentence Correction
9.10.2022FunctionsSimple Interest and Compound InterestSyllogism and Data arrangementFill in the Blanks,fill in the Errors
10.10.2022Pointers &pointer arithmeticRatio and Ages,Partnership & AverageSyllogism Possibility, Decision MakingReading Comprehension
11.10.2022Array operations & Manipulations,single dimensional & two dimensionalTime and Work , Pipes and Cisterns.Distance and Direction, RankingSentence Replacement
12.10.2022String ManipulationsBoats and Streams, Races and GamesSeating Arrangement level 1 & level 2Passage ordering
13.10.2022Linear Data structures with stacks,queues& Linked listsPermutation, CombinationClock and CalanderError Identification
14.10.2022Introduction to RecursionProbability & MensurationCryptarithmatic, Logical SequenceArticles & Preposition
15.10.2022Introduction to Trees & GraphsHeights and DistancesData SufficiencySpelling Correction


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